Nexa Halving 2026

202621jun9:47 PMNexa Halving 20269:47 PM(GMT+00:00) View in my timeEvent Type Nexa halvingMining Reward After Halving5 000 000 NEX

Event Details

– First Nexa Halving 2026

The first Nexa block reward halving is scheduled for June 21, 2026 (approximately). Nexa’s initial block reward is 10 million NEX. For this upcoming Nexa halving, the total number of Nexa mined by miners per block will be reduced from 10 million NEX to 5 million NEX. The Nexa reward halves every 4 years. Annual Nexa inflation is reduced significantly.

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1st Nexa Halving

Mining Reward

5, 000, 000 NEX


(Sunday) 9:47 PM(GMT+00:00) View in my time



Nexa is the most scalable blockchain ever built. It will handle over 10 billion transactions per day while offering EVM-like smart-contracts & native token services, all while staying decentralized.

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